Moral Resume… Is Yours in Check?

decisionsOne of the biggest things college students do either during or after they graduate is work on their job resumes. They’re often called, “Professional Resumes” which I think is the wrong term to apply to the meaningless folly we all find necessary for our lives to continue in a comfortable fashion. While money may be the current vehicle our world turns upon, it does not complete us.

Although, it isn’t fair of me to encompass everyone in that category. There is a small percentage of people out there that love their careers, and a “Professional Resume” had absolutely nothing to do with it.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers…I certainly learn as I go, but I am positive that being stuck in a dead-end job or a meaningless one that sucks the life & creativity out of a person, wasn’t the plan intended for the human race.

Where did we go wrong?Snoopy Morality

I’m sure a heavy analysis of that would spring forth a multitude of answers and they’d all be correct. By now, we are so far entrenched in the falsely intrinsic value of the all-mighty dollar that it’s nearly impossible to turn back down that path and start anew.

So, what do we do?


We start with our children. That is starting anew, in a way. It’s the only way we have. We start by teaching them at an early age to work on their moral resumes. Let’s face it! If your morals aren’t in check, neither will be your karma. That’s truly what it boils down to. I didn’t know this at 18. It took me a while to understand. Karma is like a budding sprout in springtime. It needs water & sunshine to motivate it from the ground but most of all…it needs time. Time to develop & grow. I’ve now lived long enough to have seen karma in action.

It’s as simple as this, folks: Do good, good will happen to you. Do bad, bad will happen to you.

Yes, yes… I know. Bad things happen to good people. But life experiences are all individually our own, meaning that you don’t know how those people are handling the bad. And notice how I said Do good, good will happen to you and not: Do good, get good? That’s because doing something good for the mere purpose of getting good in return is a selfish, negating act.

And that, my friends, is bad karma.


The path to true, good karma is a slippery slope. In this shallow retail-infested world we live in, I will agree, it’s hard not to think in the back of your mind that by doing good you’ll get good in return. But it’s a start and if you do good things–anything at all–often enough, it will start to change your underlying persona. You’ll start to feel the true joy of bringing happiness to others.

I know some of you are scoffing at what you think of as my New Age BS and that is okay. Sometimes, people need to hit rock-bottom before they open their eyes & search for an escape hatch. And when that time happens…this article & I will be here, anytime you want to talk karma. I will help you in any way that I can because I care.

Truly, I do.

And for all the Negative-Nells scoff-scoff-scoffing, I’d like you to read this article by George Dvorsky titled: Does “Positive Thinking” Really Make Our Lives Better? Don’t worry…there’s a lot of negative stuff in there. It talks about how positive thinking can actually hinder your results! I know! Can’t wait to dive in, can you? But, be forewarned. There are also a lot of hard, researched facts pointing to the positivity of positivity! Just wanna smack me, doncha? Give it a read–––––> Give it a try. Just think… When it doesn’t work for you, you can come back here & say “I told you so.” Because that’s really what you’re looking for, right?


I think an important place to start is in the school districts. I understand they need to teach our children how to craft a proper “Professional Resume” but it seems to be the only focus on life skills they have to offer. There is no guidance for being a respectable adult–it’s assumed the parents sole job. (Don’t get me started–I’m trying to keep these posts small.) And correct me in the comments below if I’m wrong because it’s been a while since I’ve been in high school:

Unknown copyHas it changed?

Do the schools have any classes that teach morality? I understand the program, as a whole, is designed to incorporate socialism through interactions, sports, etc. Where is the moralistic compass directing these activities? The salaried teachers waiting for the bell to ring? What is the problem here? Is the topic of “Right vs. Wrong” so difficult to iron out into a syllabus? I have to ask: Why aren’t there any specific classes to teach those children how to be properly moralistic adults? Adults that care about animals, nature and our environment. (<––Notice what I put 1st? 🙂 ) Adults that care for one another as if we’re all connected because we are!

We’re nothing but stardust, Baby! Fallen from the skies ~ forever seeking unity.

Yup! There I go…spewing that New Age BS! Learn to embrace morality. Start with the next generation & teach your children, truly, right from wrong. Their lives will improve. The world will become a better place and you just may start seeing the light that positivity can bring into your life & the world.




  1. Yvonne Parizo · · Reply

    Good article! I enjoyed it immensely !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m glad.. I felt this one was a little lack-luster. But I feel that way about all my articles, lol.


  2. Merri · · Reply

    Once again a great idea! Too many parents try to be buddies & also let the tv entertain too much! Look at reality tv & see what they learn! You are on to something! Some aren’t parents, but breeders & others work long hours to provide. A lot of parents blame schools for their shortfall, so why not let the schools teach a morality class?

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