The Negative Side of Positivity

Positivity-and-Negativity-Street-Sign-FeaturedAnyone that knows me (and most that don’t) know how I adore the topic of the Power of Positivity. This topic is almost as heated as the topic of veganism. Like all topics, wherein vast groups of people vary in opinion, negativity has a way of creeping in and positivity shouldn’t be among those groups…but it is.

I have lived long enough, where I have seen the work positivity can do and I can attest to the very “realness” of its nature. It isn’t just some New Age BS. Actually, the thought of not believing or even keeping an open mind over the subject really blows my mind.

The world has become too sediment in its thinking. When did everyone close their eyes to other possibilities? Is everyone so afraid of new ideas & different ways of thinking that what’s considered the norm is just impossible? And don’t think it’s just older folks that I’m talking about that feel this way. Quite the opposite. I know 70 & 80-year-old people that are hipper than some 20 & 40-somethings I know. They embrace life and the ever-changing world of technology. Those people are true blessings to be around. Truly positive people.

How can it be possible for some people to not believe that the possibility of mere positive thoughts can change one’s life?

We live on the 3rd rock furthest from the star that warms our galaxy, where the possibility of life evolving into viable, intelligent sentient beings is a mathematical equation, too large to complete, and yet, the idea that one’s positive thinking can make a tangible difference is complete poppycock!


Prince Poppycock!

Now, I say that is Poppycock!


I fail just as much now, as I have as a child, to understand this thinking. There are unexplained mysteries & miracles happening all over the world. Your life & this beautiful world that you live it on are miracles, all on their own. The mechanics of the human body is an astounding mystery!

Why is it so difficult to believe in the power of positivity?

I think the problem stems from a lack of effort. Like all things worthy in life, effort must be engaged and I’m not talking about back-breaking work, here. It’s as simple a thing as trying to hold a positive outlook within one’s mind, consistently. Naysayers give it a whirl once or twice (strictly because they want betterment) and see no definitive proof of change, then step back into their personal clouds of negativity to sharpen their scissor tongues in order to give us positivity-toters a good lashing.

Bravo, Naysayers… Bravo.

Very interesting studies have been done in the field of quantum physics pertaining to positive thinking. They’ve uncovered that one’s perceptions and beliefs about reality actually alter reality to fit that perspective. Two groups of scientists have performed separate experiments in an attempt to learn whether the basic building blocks of our universe are either waves or particles. Here’s where it gets interesting: The outcome was dependent upon the expectation of either particles or waves. Say what? Each group argued that they were right because their experiments proved both!

How could that be?

This new study has launched the theory that our lives & this world we live in are of our own imaginations or expectations, created from our thoughts. In other words, we’re living in a real live Matrix.Unknown-22

Where is Keanu Reeves?

Whether that theory is correct or not–I won’t close my mind to the possibility–but you cannot deny the strange results of those scientists. To be honest, I don’t find it all that surprising because I learned a long time ago, what the power of the mind can do.

The trick is (LISTEN UP, NAYSAYERS) to be consistent<—-simple as that. Over time, the hidden propensity living in your head that selfishly thinks of itself will die off and be replaced with a genuine feeling of positivity. You’ll learn that being positive for the right reasons, not just because you want good things to happen to you, will accomplish that very thing.

I call it karma.

Practice the power of positivity. Be consistent and do it for the right reasons. It will benefit you and those around you. I’m going to end this post with a quote from the very intelligent Henry Ford.






  1. Ozzy Motley ;) · · Reply

    ❤ Well said! ❤

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  2. Jodie · · Reply

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thanks again dear Dean. 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Merri · · Reply

    Such truth in your writings! I love this & often say no such word as can’t! Also chewed out a nurse one time for telling me my claustrophobic fear was all in my mind. Yes, I said, but the mind is the most powerful thing!

    Liked by 1 person

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