Getting Out of the “Rut”

RUTGetting Out of the “Rut” sounds like an easy task, but for most—it is not. This is something I struggle with, although it isn’t a struggle with getting out of that rut so much as it’s a struggle identifying that I am actually in one.

Sounds odd, right?

Well, for those of you that know me I am somewhat of an oddball character. Stop that laughing! Oddball’s need love, too! Okay, joking aside, I’m not the norm and as for that rut? I blame my father. He was a very regimented man. Not in the Drill-Sergant kind of manner. Not at all…even though he did serve in World War 2. You can view his memorial here: Jere R. Kutzler.

I’m very proud of my father. He was a good, kind man and we often called him Dr. Doolittle, obviously for his love of animals & more-so because of their love of him. I’m pretty sure it’s where I get it from along with his strict regimented routines. He was also a very logical man & I praise him and also curse him for bestowing it upon me. Sometimes, logic can confound creativity. And therein lies the root of my personal evil with getting stuck in”ruts.”

Some people are perfectly happy with their repetitious daily routines and I truly believe some are…but there are those that think they’re happy in that daily replay. But I’m here to tell you: There’s something else! <–––Yes, that was a Prince reference. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give him a wink & a nod up there in the cosmic universe.

I won’t bore you with what I think are the telltale signs of “rut-tivity.” (See what I did there? Cap-tivity, Rut-tivity) If we use that word enough, Webster’s Dictionary will include it!

Hey! If Rachael Ray can get “EVOO” in the dictionary, why not Ruttivity?

Chances are if you’re reading this article, you already realize you’re in a rut. That, or you’re a dedicated reader & I thank you for slogging through my messy musings. But, being in a rut can be a devastating thing. It dampers creativity, dulls the soul and erodes the mind. Honestly, it does. Leave me a comment & I’ll find some research for you to chew on.

Getting out of that rut is simpler than you think. That isn’t the problem for most people. The problem for most (I think) is usually leaving their comfort zones. You don’t have to book a skydiving trip or anything, but have you ever thought about taking Salsa lessons? Or the latest craze of oil painting classes? I have a really wonderful friend that has recently done this and viewing the pictures of her class brings a smile to my face, every time.

If you don’t want to do something so involved then I suggest this: Make a list of your Rut-Routine. It should be pretty simple, you do the same thing each day. Then put it away for a couple of days—a week if possible. Then pull it back out and examine it with fresh eyes. The mundane of it just may be enough to wake you from that rut. But if it doesn’t, then take a look at that list. Maybe those things are important, maybe not. If they aren’t: nix them, for starters. If they are: draw a vertical line next to them & think of ways to accomplish the same task, yet in a different manner.

That may seem silly, but don’t laugh until you try it. It’ll create a whole new outlook on those things. That’s the simplest way to hop out of that groove for those who are not very adventurous. Those that don’t like change, but realize the humdrum is killing them.

Once you start getting comfortable in that new “rut,” start adding to that list. You can still keep the regiment schedule if you absolutely cannot part with scheduled structure, but now you can occasionally change up the manner in which you accomplish those tasks with the added bonus of new things to explore.

It’ll make a world of difference. I promise. It’s like driving to a job everyday, taking the same route. After a while, you don’t even see the road. It’s like you’re on autopilot.. I know. I remember those days of commuting. Eventually, you branch out & find different routes to get to work and it’s fresh & new all over again. New scenery, etc., and possibly less commute tie. Changing your routine is the same thing.

For those that cannot change the mechanics of their routines fear not. It’s as simple as my friend that took the art class. Pick an interest you may have, photography, painting, etc., or choose something completely out of your norm (even better), like Salsa dancing. You’d be surprised at how when you open your mind to new possibilities, all the things you can discover a liking for, where previously, you’d never see yourself doing.

I hope this article has shed light or opened doors for you to break out of that routine. If you’re truly stuck, leave me a comment or you can always personal message me. I will always do my best to help anyone that reaches out to me. It’s all about sharing & caring.

As an added free bonus I created the sheet 5 POWERFUL WAYS TO HELP YOU GET UNSTUCK. Just click the button below. It’s free!




  1. Love this.

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  2. Yvonne · · Reply

    A definite rut here…still looking for ways to get out of it.

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