How Can We Make America Great Again?

How Can We Make America Great Again?How can we make America Great Again? That’s a really good question. One I’m fully intending on attempting to answer (but I’m going to need some help. Read to the end.) First, let me be clear: The title of my post is in no way, shape or form, a supporting statement for Donald Trump. I do not support him, or any other campaign members for that matter. When they Snoopy holds a campaign I’m all in!

So, how can we make America great again? For starters…it’s all about how we view things. For example, let’s talk about the old cat & mouse. A cat sees a mouse, trapped in a corner with no way out. Now, if you’re the cat, that’s a good thing, right? But what if you’re the mouse?

Get my point?

I think part (I’m using that word lightly, here) of the problem is just that: How we view things. If you’re a Positivity Warrior like I am, you really understand how negativity can affect everything. Right down to the core of your opinion. And opinions are the same things as how we view things. You have an opinion on the matter.

Just like negativity…how we view things or, the temperature of our opinions, can get acerbated by momentum. Ever notice when we’re angry, even the tiniest bit of strife in our lives seems a lot more serious?

I hate to say this but, too many people love the chance to stand on a moral soapbox and shout their indignations to the high-heavens when most of the time they have no clue on the reality or truths of the matter. And this is because they care far more about the fight than they do about an actual solution or the truth.


What purpose does fueling hate serve? I think the real core of this problem lies deep within the individuals themselves and there are far too many of “those” individuals. Our lives of entitlement–here in America–has dulled our sense of propensity for true moralism. Shouting hatred in ANY situation solves only one thing: MORE HATRED. Once that happens, no one even cares to listen to what the opposing party has to say.

I think we should start there in an effort to “Make America Great.” I know there are a multitude of problems in this country, but let’s face it folks! We cause our own problems. I won’t pretend to know truly what’s going on in other countries because I don’t, really. But I can tell you that I don’t see anything in mainstream media like what’s going on in our country.

In my opinion, America is one of the best countries to live in. This is the land of opportunity and for those of you, that disagree, take a hard look at the efforts you’ve put in to take advantage of that opportunity. What goals & plans have you made? What actions have you put in place to achieve them? Think long & hard, only you will know the true answer. Self-reflection can be an amazing awakening. Each of us has the same opportunity available within our reach. What steps are you taking?

Another thing that I think plays a big factor in the downgrading of moralism in our country is our ineptitude to help others. We’re all connected. Black, Caucasian, Asian, mixed? I’ve been lucky enough to grow up not knowing any difference.


People are people–plain & simple. THIS IS THE MELTING POT–ALWAYS HAS BEEN! If you want to hate something, hate their cultural upbringings. Because that’s really a big part of what defines a person and it seems unfair if you weren’t as lucky as I was. But that only goes so far, especially in today’s day and age. We’ve seen enough horror, to know what’s right and what’s wrong. Let it go.

Start Caring About One Another

If everyone in this world would just listen to those five little words and heed them, it would be like an atomic explosion of peace. Road-ragers would stop the metallic fight & start letting people in the lane. Walmart shoppers on Black Friday would stop trampling old ladies to be first to get that cheap TV. And maybe, just maybe, racists and bigots and closed-minded people would stop hating & just listen and realize that everyone is the same and that people can have different opinions without having to go to war over them and people would learn and grow from all the new ideas. That’s a lot of ands…and you know what? It can all happen–if we just try.

How can we fix the problem with America? Stop recognizing there is a problem because that is part of the problem. Stop fueling hatred. Start caring about each other. You don’t have to bake cookies & bring them to all the new neighbors, but you also don’t have to close the blinds tighter. Offer a helping hand…

A Little Kindness Goes a Along Way

I was in the bedroom the other day and noticed one of the lawn boys trimming the hedges in front of my window. (No…this isn’t a segue into a cheesy porno scene! Get your mind outta that gutter!)

He was a young guy & he was having a moment. It was VERY hot outside and he had to put the trimmer down. I noticed he wasn’t really sweating, so, I thought maybe he was dehydrated. I quickly ran a couple bottles of water out to him.

You’d have thought I’d handed him a bar of gold.

These poor guys work very hard and whether they do or not, it’s hella-hot out there! So, I brought out a bunch of bottles for his coworkers. The boss must’ve taken notice because he came over, so, I explained the situation. I figured it was a great opportunity to ask him if they could do a little extra trimming & get rid of this eyesore of failed landscaping that we all complain about.

I was hard at work, writing the next Jack Elliot thriller when I looked up and noticed the guys still out there working. It was two hours later! They’d done an awesome job at cleaning up that eyesore & took extra care in making sure our yard looked great!

When I ran those bottles of water out to that kid, my intentions were never to get extra work out of him. I was truly concerned he was going to have a heat stroke. Not once, during this story, did I mention that he was Mexican…all of them, actually. And do you know why? BECAUSE IT DIDN’T MATTER.

It didn’t matter that he was Mexican while he was having that moment. What mattered was that he needed help. And I was very happy that I noticed he needed help. Do you know why I was happy for noticing? BECAUSE I CARE.

It all starts there. All those years ago, when our forefathers stepped foot on these lands, they CARED about making a better life for the melting pot of our people. Let’s get back there. Let’s start caring about one another and if you’re just too greedy, think of this: If you start helping others, then, when the time comes, they’ll be much more likely to help you, when you’re in need. It’s just how it works…don’t fight it: EMBRACE IT!

I’d like to use Facebook for a positive thing instead of posting hate videos of cops or spousal abuse videos, etc. LET’S START A FACEBOOK CHALLENGE! Seems stupid, right? Think again. Mass riots have been organized with Facebook. Facebook is a POWERFUL tool. Let’s see if we can make some positive changes. Let’s discuss in the comments, how we can make America great, again, by using Facebook. I’m asking for your help.

Above all: START CARING.



  1. Although I am from Canada,I have given a great deal of thought to this type of question. I have found an answer. The big question now is, can I make it happen. I have started on the process, but it is a work in progress’s. Please give us some slack, but have a look at what we have.


  2. I so agree! Another awesome work. I wasn’t put on earth to judge anyone & try to live by the golden rule. It’s sad that we’re turning into the me mindsets. Look at the shows people watch now. Can’t stand reality tv! Also I’ve been thinking about putting status on my FB that I want to share happiness & not gloom. We are on the same page.

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  3. Anon Guy · · Reply

    “Great again”? When was it ever great??


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