Life Is Too Serious?

080a4da01ac16d31a33188fcea134d72Long time–no blog! I apologize! I promised weeks ago, that I’d have a fresh blog post for you and it never happened. That is very out of character & I’m sorry. I’ve been so busy with the launch of Brownstone that I truly just didn’t have the time. Okay…I’ll fess up: I didn’t make time. There’s nothing that irks me more than when someone doesn’t deliver on a promise & their immediate excuse is: “I didn’t have time!” Again, that was out of character for me, which is why I corrected myself! There is always time to accomplish anything…if you make the time for it. If I drill down to the core of this problem (and it fits any situation in which time wasn’t allotted) I would find the culprit to be planning. I didn’t plan time accordingly. I’ve been trying for months to get myself on a set schedule. Blog at 6am, set up marketing at 7am, answer all social media & email at 8am, start writing at 9am…you get the gist. My brain, for whatever reason, is always on autopilot. You may be thinking this is a good thing and in most cases…it is, but! And there’s always a but! But, if I scheduled my time, I could get a lot more done than my autopilot-brain could with its lackadaisical approach. I’ve bought more day planners (virtual & physical) than you can shake a stick at! What can I say? I’m a work-in-progress. Which brings me to the topic of Life Is Too Serious?

No, that isn’t a punctuation mistake at the end of the previous paragraph. It’s correct because it has been an epiphany for me & no, this is the 1st time I’ve discovered this. It’s easy to forget when you let life get in the way as opposed to sitting back & enjoying life. After all…that’s what it’s all about. Honestly…it is!

My publisher hit me with a printing error on the hardcover less than a week before the launch of Brownstone! LESS THAN A WEEK! It wouldn’t be so bad but the turn-around time is a hot mess! They aren’t local, so everything is done electronically or by mail. So, that means that once the proof is printed, it then needs to be sent. Therefore, once my part is done (corrections) I’m relying on someone over at Ironclad Bindings to look it over & approve. Once it’s approved, it goes to printing. So, then, I’m relying on someone in the printing department to actually print up the proof. When that’s done, I’m then relying on someone else, in a different department to package & ship the book to me. From that point on, I’m relying on the postal system and…okay, are you bored enough yet?

You get the point, I’m sure. I accept full responsibility for the error. I’m not a graphic artist, although I’ll toot my own horn and say I hold my own, but, the file I sent them the first time was too small (only a couple inches – OYE). I don’t care what anyone tells you: SIZE MATTERS!

Once I got the hardcover proof (a week later) I noticed that the image still didn’t fit & whoever printed the book and wrapped it with the dust jacket tried to finagle it, so that it looked right on the front. The only problem is that the back flap is about 2 inches big! Again…broad shoulders…my mistake.

That is when I realized life shouldn’t be too serious & if it is, take a step back, evaluate your routine and just breathe.

I’m a firm, Firm, FIRM believer in LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT! But, by default, life is a gift and what do we do with gifts? We enjoy them. IF you’re not enjoying life, you’re doing something wrong.

I understand that we all have different circumstances, troubles, woes, hardships, handicaps, etc. The list can go on. But there is no one controlling your mind except you. Find that God-Damned cloud with that silver-lining! LOOK for the rainbow! CHANGE YOUR MIND ~ CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

After I stressed about the number of PERSONALIZED HARDCOVER orders I had to fill (387) I sent a personal email to each & everyone (okay, I copied & pasted, but it was personal when I wrote it) apologizing & explaining the delay. (I never should’ve put that link on my website & I’m HELLA glad it’s hidden under the more button, which most don’t click on.)

Do you know how many demanded their money back?


Everyone was sincerely sympathetic, most saying they didn’t expect it anytime soon. I was flabbergasted at the outpour of sympathy. Which made me reflect on some of my negative attitudes that I’ve delved out when I’ve paid for something pricey & didn’t receive it in a timely manner. My attitude has since been course-corrected! I’ve since uploaded a new cover file & hopefully…this one is right so that I can release the hold placed on the hardcover media.

I realized that with the all the excitement & extra work of launching the book, that I’d stopped enjoying life. I let Mr. Stress from my old accounting days creep up alongside me & start dictating my life. And I quit that job for a number of reasons and stress was one of them!

People take life too seriously…seriously! Stop sweating the small stuff & stop sweating the BIG STUFF! Has all that stress ever helped you? No, not unless your goal is a heart attack! Remember…nothing is that important to continue if it’s affecting your health. Because without our health – what do we have? That’s right: NOTHING!

The best way to overcome stress is by changing your thoughts or your brain to be more specific. You may not realize it, but your brain is very patterned. In essence, in an effort to be efficient, it stores sets of actions to be recalled & carried out when problems arise. Each problem has its own set of actions and by default, many of us feel panicked & stressed when these problems arise, so, this negativity gets recorded along as well. So, when a problem arises…you instantly feel panicked! Here is an AWESOME book to help you Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, by Dr. Daniel. G. Amen. If that doesn’t work and nothing seems to help you detach stress, from stressful situations, then it’s time to quit & rethink whatever it is that you’re doing because life is too short to be stressful! As a little bonus, I made a sheet to remind you to calm down. Click the button below to download 5 WAYS TO RELAX IN 60 SECONDS OR LESS:





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  2. Mickie M Lear · · Reply

    Ugh! Stress sucks, am I right? It’s amazing how much physical harm it can do to your body. I try to remind myself to let go, trust life and ride the wave🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊😉

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