handmade-giftsThis holiday season…think about giving handmade gifts. Anyone can walk into a store and purchase a product that has been manufactured. THINK: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.

Why, you ask?

Well, there are many reasons. My top, favorite reason is because handmade gifts are very special. Time, thought & effort were placed into making them. You should try & use things you’ve already got at home, saving time and money since you don’t have to go anywhere to purchase anything.

When I used the word thought, I’m referring to the usefulness of the gift. I’m sure Mommy would appreciate a handmade spa treatment, far more than Daddy would.

Maybe not…

7c83e5a7b5f2de22e8536d21e748d861The point is…make a personalized gift that someone will use, love & appreciate. They mean so much more than store bought gifts.

The more important reasons for gifting handmade items is deeply rooted in both economical & environmental factors. When we continually buy store bought gifts(or little trinkets, keychains, etc), we’re using up valuable resources and materials like plastic, wood, etc, not to mention the electricity, oil or gas used in producing these items. Which in turn causes toxic gases and smoke from the creation which poisons our air, water & earth.

If you aren’t that crafty and are flipping me the bird right now…How about shopping in local stores? Preferably one’s that sell handmade items.225d38cc8a3cef61fcde13c93493dc47

If we all did this, it would accomplish many things:

  • Reduce waste/lessen garbage depositories
  • Lower harm to the environment
  • Use less natural resources
  • Force Big-Box retailers to lower costs
  • Impress Loved Ones

Whatever you do for the holidays, please, always keep in mind that we’re killing our world. If you’re of the thinking that you’ll never live to see such a day, think about your children, their children and so on.

Don’t have children? How about your sister, brother or friends? Do you want their families to suffer one day?

Be safe this holiday season! Love one another! It’s the reason for the season and Santa is watching! I’ve included a few links at the bottom to help get you started with really cool, beautiful handmade gifts. Let me know in the comments how they turned out. Now go start a gift making project today!


Succulent Garden! Simple, Stunning & Enviro-Friendly!



Personalized, Monogrammed Candles!




A Personal Fave…Secret Family Recipes! Maybe include the ingredients in a basket!


Coconut Pecan Muffin Mix! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
















Infused Vodka! Got Your Attention Now, Huh???


Marbled Votives! How Cool!




  1. This is great. Christmas used to be about many things that are now left out. The movie Jingle all the way represents it very well. I love your writing & hope you have a happy holiday season!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You have a very Merry Christmas, Merri!!


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