What’s Next?

WHAT'S NEXT?The Harrowing of Hell, the 2nd book in the Jack Elliot Series has taken off with it’s feet running as it hit the ground on July 22nd!
Readers are already asking when book three will be available! I couldn’t be more excited that people really loved the twist at the end!
Once I completed the 1st book in the Jack Elliot Series, Brownstone, I went on to start a different project. At that point I couldn’t have known the success the series would garner. The project that I started was a short story (romance thriller) for Valentine’s Day (tentatively called Valentine’s Day Surprise) that I felt needed to be expanded into a book. I’m really excited about it because as a writer I like to push myself and the only way to do that is to write something new or out of my comfort zone. The new project has two time lines; something I’ve never done before. One set in 268 AD and the other set present.
The challenge was not only writing in the past, but mastering a voice from the past. I’ve never done anything like that before-my characters are always vivid representations of modern-day people, but the story called for ancient times. I’ll leave whether I accomplished that successfully or not up to you when the book launches, but I will say that I am pretty pleased with the turnout so far.
The mistake that I made was not realizing the potential of the Jack Elliot Series. As an avid reader myself, I know that when I find a series that I love, I cannot wait to chew through the rest of the books in succession. When you’re the one creating that series, it’s impossible to gage the success. What I think is brilliant, people hate – what I think is awful, is the very thing EVERYONE loves, and so on & so forth!
Of course, like every writer, I aim to make each book the best, most twisted thrilling masterpiece possible. In a world where ebooks cost less than a buck, many attempts often fall flat. So, I thank my lucky stars for my wonderful, faithful readers and have learned from the experience.
What did I learn?
Have book 2 ready before book 1 is even published! I recently had an epiphany…I love Space Operas, where I will employ what I’ve learned. A Space Opera – to define it in easy terms by example is: Star Trek or, Buck Rogers & the 25th Century, Logan’s Run, OH – AND MY FAVE, DANGER, DANGER WILL ROBINSON! Yup! You heard that right: Lost In Space is a Space Opera!Rocket-ship-animated-223x300
The epiphany? Well, the epiphany was that I should write a Space Opera! I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before. I guess since I was a kid when I watched them (hell, I still watch today: The 100, Doctor Who, The Expanse, just to name a few) I never valued them as adult entertainment for others…how wrong was my thinking???
So, I will plot out a new & different Space Opera and write the first few books before I even think of publishing them. This way, readers won’t be clamoring for the next read (if they like it). It will already be done. So, stay tuned!
But that isn’t what’s next.
Next, (once the pool closes for the season in just under 2 weeks, that is) I will finish Valentine’s Day Surprise. It’s a romance thriller (romance also being new to me) revolving around the mysterious life of Saint Valentine that is 75% finished and it’ll be in time for its self-titled holiday!
Jack & Calvin discovered something in The Metropolitan Museum of art that led them on their adventure into Africa on the plains of M’banza-Kongo! If you haven’t had a chance to read the short story, The Pope’s Box, click on the link and you can read it FREE.

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