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What’s Next?

Discover what’s next on the production schedule for Author Dean Kutzler.

Dean Kutzler Brownstone

Brownstone, by Dean Kutzler

The hardcover of Brownstone will be released today!

5 Interview Questions with Philadelphia’s Bestselling Author, Dean Kutzler

Originally posted on Friends of Charlton Public Library:
As you all know by now, November is a special time for writers. It typically starts off with National Author’s Day, which is followed by National Novel and Memoir Writing Month. So, I reached out to an old friend and published thriller author, Dean Kutzler, in the…

Getting Things Done…

If you want something done right, do it yourself!

“Why Are Some Successful and Others Not?”

“I don’t understand! I graduated with the same degree as she did and my GPA was higher! How come she’s so successful and I’m still waiting tables?”

Discover the keys to a winning formula! See how a few simple steps can lead you to the path of success!