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When Food Gets Sassy!

For years, I’ve been cooking for two large, hangry men: me & my partner, Paul. So I may know a thing or two about cooking…

We started out in a small garden apartment in Jackson, NJ. We absolutely loved it there, albeit it very small, we had the shore & Great Adventure.

The kitchen was the size of a postage stamp! pepper_red

But that didn’t hinder my abilities, at all… It actually helped me learn how to be quick & efficient. I know you’re thinking, “Ummm, it’s only the two of you…” And most times your thoughts would be correct.

vegetables_05_Vector_ClipartBut, can I tell you something?

In that 700 square foot apartment with the postage stamp kitchen, I once served a party of eight! That’s right – eight large boys like ourselves. I even made a flambé of Bananas Foster for dessert! Read a wee-bit more about that here.

I’ve studied books from Le Cordon Bleu all the way down to Rachael Ray! (My fave, btw!)

Not only have I served large parties from that kitchen, I once hosted a family Thanksgiving dinner. There were seven of us. I served wine & cheese along with a crudités & an assortment of appetizers. I cooked a 25lb bird to perfection with all the trimmings and 15<–yup! Count ’em, 15 hot side dishes! garlic_clip_art_12034

Everything (food) came out perfect & perfectly hot as I served it. As for how the dinner went…well, I did say it was a FAMILY gathering – didn’t I? To say the least, my part was done. A few family members are still not talking to one another & it has been over 10 years!

But my food came out fabulous!

All these recipes have been tested & eaten…so, browse through and feel free to create or change any of my recipes and make them your own! I’ll add more as my cooking adventure continues! Hover over the RECIPES button at the top right corner to see all my recipes or visit the bottom of this page on the lefthand side. I hope you enjoy!



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