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Xena Butt

Now where did I put that mouse?

So, you hit the wrong key in that Oogley-Googley search bar and ended up here, in my crazy corner of the world–didn’t you?


Don’t click that back button–yet. I just may have what you’re looking for.

No, don’t think so?

You like food, don’tcha???

HA! I got you there! Who doesn’t like a good Bouillabaisse or Beouf Bourguignon, unless your Calista Flockhart? Then bust out the carrot sticks! That’s if she even eats at all. She’s as adorable as a box of Lil’ Bub kittens, plus she promptly landed my 80s Heartthrob: Harrison Ford! But, please–give the girl a menu!

Seriously, though–I’ve been cooking for over a decade, so I’ve learned a thing or two or ten. And let me tell you, when I set my sights on learning something, I strip the skivvies and dive in, head-first. Just take a peek at my bookcase for validation. I’m very proud of all those books, btw. Even though Paul (my handsome partner) wants to brain me every time we need to buy a new bookcase.

But…I dutifully digress.

I began my culinary career in a tiny apartment down by the shore, in a postage-stamp kitchen, along with two big appetites (mine & Pauls.) It seemed impossible–at first… Then necessity overrode ineptitude and that cramped little kitchen forced me to learn how to be a creative culinary wizard.

And I learned in more ways than one…

I learned that armed with a book, I could master anything I put my mind to and I also learned that impossible is just a word that can be overcome. I’m a self-taught, self-proclaimed chef that learned from the likes of Le Cordon Bleu all the way down to Rachael Ray  my favorite, btw…

One night in the tiny apartment, I served a dinner party of eight (uh-huh, 8) from that stamp-sized kitchen and for dessert, I made a delicious Bananas Foster. After the atomic explosion of the flambé died down, my guests were expecting to see a brow-less version of me walk out of the kitchen. Needless to say, all my hairs were intact and everything turned out wonderfully!

Still not convinced on staying?

This blog isn’t just another foodie porn site. That’s just a small portion, even though I blah-blah’d on about it–what can I say–I was hungry when I wrote this. Okay, let’s dig a little deeper. Just because I’m big and burly (yes–burly, Mr. Wisenheimer) doesn’t mean I don’t eat healthy. Please, that old misconception that thin is healthier went out with twerking. Oh? That’s still in? Hmmmm, thanks Miley Cyrus


Twerking aside, I will share all I know about healthy eating & living. Remember my bookcase? Yeah-yeah, it’s filled with fiction & cookbooks, but it’s also filled with non-fiction and fitness books. And if you get tired of listening to me blah-blah on about your well-being, I have a health & environment-conscious minded guest blogger lined up that you won’t want to miss! She has almost 3000 followers on Facebook and she’s been on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Need more convincing?

Let me round it up…

I must say, what thrills me the most is the human condition, but, as you’ve learned so far…I’m all about reading books. But, if you didn’t already know, I’m also an author, as well. I write books. If you’d like, check out my website and read some of my writing for free here. My work has been featured in online magazines as well as print and I’m peddling a few shorties on sale at Amazon. But that isn’t my point, don’t buy them, just ask and I’ll give them to you. My point, simply, is that I do a lot of research for my books. Research on things that interest me like newly discovered archaeological findings, unexplained mysteries, ancient history revealed, just to name a few.

When I was little, there were a couple things I really wanted to be when I grew up. First and foremost, I wanted to be an archeologist. There’s almost nothing I find more fascinating than uncovering the mysteries of the past such as when a new temple is discovered or a new chamber in a well-know temple, for instance.

My second career choice was to be a private detective. I would sit, watching Scooby-Doo, with pencil & pad in hand. I knew Scooby & the gang were onto a clue to solving the mystery every time Velma said, “Jinkies!” Scribble-scribble. I’d write on my pad. See a pattern here? On a side note: In searching for a Velma picture; who knew she was a fetish?

Many strange & wondrous secrets are hidden in this world, mostly buried under the very soil we walk on, dig down into, drive way too fast over, swim across and fly above. This world & the universe it spins in are older than the comprehension built into our brains can understand. The human race has only been here for a blip of that vast, unmeasurable time…or has it? What if under all those layers of stratosphere there is buried a world, that was much like ours, that existed not too long after the Big Bang? You can trust that I’ll be researching that topic and many others.

Don’t confuse my next statement for harboring any rhetoric with religion, you’ll learn my views on that over the course of the blog, but I’d be remiss if I totally discredited the bible in my research and I came across a passage that struck a chord within me. Isn’t that what books are supposed to do?

Revelations 1:8 “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End,” says the Lord, “who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.”

Alpha to Omega… What does it mean? In a nutshell: There is nothing new in this world. Why did it strike a chord? Because while I understand the underlying meaning, I refuse to believe it. And you can bet your twerking skills that I intend to research that until the end.

So? What do you think?

Convinced to stick around?

This blog is almost as much about me as it is about you. Think of this blog as not so much as a journey into the unknown, but a journey of discovery. I’ve also written a bunch of inspirational posts on humanity designed to fuel awareness and combative posts on the human condition that I’m Skeeter-Itching to share with you. They spill from my head like honey from a jar, dripping onto my soul and making a mess. It’s time to clean it out!

One more thing, before you go…

My pledge of promise:

  • I promise not to overload your inbox with cute cat photos (okay, maybe I’ll stick a few in some posts) or Throw-up Content. The last thing I want to do is be that noisy guy that never shuts up and posts 50 things that all end up in your email in a day. Who’s got time for that? I will stick to one post a week (probably Monday morning) unless it’s something that goes beyond the Skeeter-Itching realm and even then, that’ll be to a minimum. With that being said I beg patience of you. Rule of thumb dictates 1 post a week. I’m brimming with articles I’ve written to share, but I want to give everyone time to read them and that takes time. (Besides, I don’t want you to get sick of me!)
  • I promise to bring you fresh content that wasn’t regurgitated from 10 other blogs (maybe a link or mention for reference, but never rehashed.)
  • I promise to keep the posts as short as I can (unlike this behemoth of a post,) who’s got time to read all that?
  • I promise to do my best in keeping up with your comments. I’m a slow writer…what’s that saying about the turtle and the hare?

Okay, last thing, I promise…

This blog will be about worldly mysteries, the human condition & our choices, food, recipes & healthy living and…something else. What is that something else, you ask? Well, that’ll be revealed sometime during the course of the blog. Oh, it’s a doozie alright.  Bigger than twerking.

So, again, I ask: What do you think? Are you ready to take a journey of discovery? Click one of the following buttons (unless you’ve given me your email address, then you’re already in, like Flynn) in the upper-right region of this page. Leave me a comment below on what you  think. If you’re wondering where to start…let me suggest two of my most popular posts: My Sister’s Iced Tea is the #1 post. It hit the ground running! POWER OF THE MIND = I + CAN is my very 1st post & close 2nd to My Sister’s Iced Tea. I think the common denominator in each is that I poured my heart & soul into each.

Stick with me and let’s see what new Alphas & Omegas we can discover together!

Sincerely yours,

Dean Kutzler…




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    Looking forward to more

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