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Unlike the regimented post I send out every Monday about the human condition, here I will randomly post articles concerning any & all areas of health-related topics. The focus will simply be as they arise from the ether, but if you have a request – anything at all – that you’d like to see here, just send me a message or post in the comments below and I’ll do my best to research the topic and bring you fresh, viable content.

Unknown-4What I’ve learned mostly, during my years, is that moderation in all things is truly the key to a healthy life. A good balance of diet, exercise & social interaction are three very important factors of healthy longevity. Studies have been done on a secluded culture of people that were a little far-removed from the advanced lifestyle most of us are used to like cars, television, supermarkets, etc. I apologize for not providing factual links, but as most of my readers know, I complain about my Swiss-Cheese brain. The information I read was either in one of Dr. Weil’s books or seen on a Martha Stewart episode in which she was cooking with bitter melon. I think the latter is correct because bitter melon has the great health benefits of this culture that she was toting about.

This culture lived longer & had more centenarians than anywhere else on the planet. TheUnknown-5 studies had shown that since this culture was so far-removed that it relied more on their hands & feet than on transportation and supermarkets. They worked hard, tilling soil, growing their food and walking to their jobs and social outings. They ate only fresh ingredients, no canned or boxed items. And bitter melon was prevalent in their diets.

So, what that tells us is that this culture employed all three of the things I spoke about: healthy diet, exercise & social activity.

Moderation…truly is the key!

I hope this article, as well as all the rest, find you in good health! Again, I invite you, my dear reader, to reach out to me or post a comment on any health related topic that you’d like to know more about!


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