What’s My Name?

What's My Name“Oh—my—god—Janet! Can you believe that?” Katy shouted into the cell phone. She’d punched out twenty minutes ago; she’s worked at the bookstore for years. “I just ran into him on the street yesterday on my day off. Uh huh—yup! He stopped me—me! I saw him on the corner of 33rd and 17th. I was scramblin’ for a pen in my purse for an autograph and he stopped moi! He thought I was some chick from high school named Lora! Yeah—can you freakin’ believe that?” Shaking her head she continued, “What? No! I didn’t tell him I wasn’t Lora. Are you crazy! He asked me out for coffee. Uh-huh, tonight—after work! I’ve been watching him for years on that soap opera! No way in hell, am I missin’ this. I’m just gonna play along and see what happens.” She switches ears and cradles the phone between her cheek and shoulder as she throws her lunch trash. “Huh? I don’t know. You know me—I’ll just go with the flow. He didn’t have a clue that I wasn’t this Lora chick. Nope—none! At least I’ll be able to say I dated Willy Biller from All My Stepchildren.” Glancing at the microwave clock she said, “Listen Janet, I gotta get back to work. I’ll call you tonight and fill you in on the juicy details. What? NO—Funny girl! I’ll call you tonight, not tomorrow…”

The smile on Katy’s face couldn’t have been bigger as she went about the rest of her day at the bookstore. Not even the lookie-loo’s at the magazine rack could rob her of that smile; nor the ton of books on all the trash bins waiting for her to put them away.

It was about a quarter to five, quitting time in fifteen. She was meeting Willy at the Starbucks down the street at five. No worries. A fashionable girl is always a little late. Best not to seem too anxious, even as an impersonator.

The coffee shop was swathed in the aroma of rich brew and local art screamed for attention on each wall. Willy was waiting for her at the back table. He stood to greet her, “Lora, it’s great to see you again. I was getting a little worried,” glancing at his wrist, “I thought I got stood up.” He chuckled, pushing her chair in for her.

“Ah—you know me. Never on time for anything!” Did he just check out my breasts? Throwing her shoulders back, she made a silent prayer to Victoria’s Secret. “But I’m here now!”

“It’s been so long, Lora. Gee—how many years has it been?”

“Geez—I don’t know Willy. I never was the best in math class, remember?” Wow! My sweater puppies must be on point, he’s still staring.

“I just have one question,” he said, ogling her chest, “Who is Katy?”

Katy’s body went cold as she followed his gaze to her chest. Sitting proudly atop sweater puppy number one was her name badge from the bookstore.


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